Bay Life Unit Church Women's Activities

Queen Esther Collective

The Queen Esther Collective is designed for outreach and to affirm and nurture the women in our church family.  While the events are primarily for women within church communities, we also extend an invitation to women in the wider community to join us.

The objective is to use Queen Esther as a model to empower women to take on the mantle of Queen and to use their divine authority to honour the calling in their lives.


These events held at our Bay Life Church in Busselton, are a blessing to all who attend.  Each event is booked to capacity immediately invitations are available.

several women sitting at dining table

Keynote speakers address ladies on personal testimonies of overcoming and becoming more than conquerors.  The messages are  intended to give hope that through Christ we can become victorious.

severl other women sitting at another dining table

Each event is a testament of service by the ladies, who organise the day and share their unique giftings (artistic abilities, public speaking , cooking and serving).  Their love flows into each detail from table settings, flower arrangements, the choice of music through to the prayer blessings.

Door donations become a contribution to operating the Bay Life Community Caf├©.