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18 February 2024
Genesis 9:8-17 and Mark 1:9-15, Climbing Rainbows: Stephen van Schalkwyk

25 February 2024
Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16 and Mark 8:31-38, Change "yes,but" into "yes, and": Stephen van Schalkwyk

3 March 2024
Exodus 20:1-17 and John 2:13-22: The Rules of life Stephen van Schalkwyk

10 March 2024
Numbers 21:4-9 and John 3:14-21, Lift up your eyes, see, and live: Stephen van Schalkwyk

17 March 2024
Jeremiah 31:31-34 and John 12:20-33, Renewed Covenant: Stephen van Schalkwyk

24 March 2024
Isaiah 50:4-9 and Mark 11:1-11, Of donkeys and faithfulness: Stephen van Schalkwyk

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Prayer Tips

A video series discussing the
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